Archived News Stories

IRG I faculty, Prof. Yoel Fink and his group create “smart” fabrics by incorporating semiconductor devices

2018 MATERIALS DAY, sponsored by MRL, took place on October 10. This year's theme was "Materials Research on the Nanoscale". Read more about the poster session winners

2018 MIT MRSEC Summer Research Interns talk about the impact of the MRSEC's REU program. Watch one intern interview here.

Watch IRG-II leader, Prof. Katharina Ribbeck, demonstrate in her online video "How Mucus Is the Unsung Hero of the Human Body".

Boston Globe-affiliated health and science report features IRG-II leader, Prof. Katharina Ribbeck

IRG-I leader, Prof. Marin Soljacic, and his team simulate the first system in which particles can be manipulated by a beam of ordinary light as opposed to specialized light sources

Watch IRG-II faculty, Profs. Bradley Olsen and Jeremiah Johnson, demonstrate their new theory for quantifying how various defects in polymer networks affect their elasticities

IRG-III leaders, Associate Professor Bilge Yildiz and Professor Krystyn Van Vliet, and former IRG-III postdoc Mostafa Youssef explain how insulating metal oxides may be key to technical defects’ performance for a variety of high-tech applications

WCVB-TV Boston’s Chronicle highlights the work of MIT MRL’s research scientist, photographer, and image specialist, Felice Frankel, exploring how she engages audiences in scientific advances through the visual beauty of science

MIT MRSEC welcomes new MIT MRSEC director and MRL co-director, associate professor of Materials Science and Engineering Geoffrey S. Beach. Prof. Beach succeeds Professor of Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, Michael F. Rubner, who retired this year after 16 years as MIT MRSEC director

Introducing the Materials Research Laboraratory The Center for Materials Science and Engineering and the Materials Processing Center merge to form the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL), bringing together formidable resources for advancing next-generation materials

MIT MRSEC congratulates Profs. Jennifer Rupp, Robert Macfarlane, Luqiao Liu, and Riccardo Comin on winning this year’s seed competition!

MIT MRSEC Commemorates the Legacy of Former Director, Mildred Dresselhaus, the "Queen of Carbon Science"

MIT MRSEC IRG leaders, Profs. Brian Wardle, Robert Cohen, Gareth Mckinley, and Michael Rubner devise a new technique for trapping hard-to-detect molecules, using forests of carbon nanotubes

MIT MRSEC leader, Prof. Marin Soljacic's work on Weyl points named as “Top 10 breakthroughs of 2015” by

IRG-III researchers demonstrate nanoscale cation motion in memristive systems