Update March 15, 2020.  MIT has announced the following guidance on research activities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic:

We believe that a ramp down of MIT on-campus research to all but a limited number of critical activities, including the important work to understand and stop the spread of COVID-19, is warranted." COVID-19 ramp-down can be found here.

In order to safely ramp down the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) Shared Experimental Facilities (SEFs), we will be closing the facilities to all users effective 9am on Monday 3/16.  The SEFs will remain closed until further guidance from MIT.
Users with critical research needs, as defined above, are requested to contact me prior to the facilities closure ( with details regarding the research and facility needs.
Thank you for your understanding and support as we all work together to navigate this unprecedented situation.

**Please note that Outside Shared Facilities User applications will temporarily not be accepted as a measure to contain the COVID 19 virus. Thank you for your understanding.**

Modern materials science and engineering requires sophisticated and modern equipment. The Shared Experimental Facilities (SEFs) are designed to address equipment needs too large to be satisfied by individual researchers. The Materials Science and Engineering Center operates four SEFs on the MIT campus for the analysis and processing of materials. These facilities include:

These facilities are available for use by members of the MIT research community and other academic institutions. Use of the facilities is also permitted, consistent with NSF policy (see NSF Important Notice 122*), to qualified research personnel from profit and nonprofit organizations, provided that comparable services are not available on a commercial basis in the private sector.

Our Center is part of the NSF Materials Research Facilities Network.

Read more about our Shared Experimental Facilities in our annual report (PDF).