Lab Safety

We here at the Materials Science and Engineering Center take safety seriously. The day-to-day operations of many labs in this Center have the potential to do harm to the occupants; we are tasked to make sure they never do.

MRL MRSEC must see that the procedures used meet at least a minimum standard, and that the personnel use these procedures in a safe manner.

The EHS Reps of the various labs are the first contact many of us will have with lab safety, respect them and help them by ensuring that the processes you employ are well thought out, and harmless to you and your fellow researchers. The EHS Reps are there to help you—please use them as a resource.

In the end it is you, the individual researcher, who is ultimately responsible for safety— please do not take this responsibility lightly. Good research depends on intelligence, efficiency, and safety. We depend on each other to go home to our families at the end of the day.

Please read the MIT Working Alone Policy to learn more.

A copy of the most recent MRL MRSEC Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan can be found here (PDF).