Policy Announcements

The Coral server for MRL has been upgraded and renamed mrllms.mit.edu. It was formerly cmse-coral.mit.edu.

The old domain name -- cmse-coral.mit.edu -- should continue to work backwards for compatibility, but the new name for running Coral, MUMMS, etc. should now be used.

Here are the new ways to reach MRL Coral:

Coral in a web browser - https://mrllms.mit.edu/runcoral

Remote Coral: A new Windows bundle can be downloaded here

MUMMS: https://mrllms.mit.edu/mumms

Email lists for tools are now @mrllms.mit.edu as well as the admin/"problems" lists.

If you any problems, please let the coral folks know right away.

New Features
Most of the upgrades are “under the hood” to provide the server with upgraded software
to make this application run more efficiently for our users, but you, as a user, will see several changes which are outlined below:

  1. The web browser Coral client feature should work more smoothly and now will allow up to 30 concurrent clients to run https://mrllms.mit.edu/runcoral.
  2. The biggest change is that there is no more "Service Level" when Managing Services for a user or registering if you're a new user. Everything is lab based now.  So, for registration, on the first page, users will select which labs they want to use and then services related to those labs on the next page.  For existing users, on the Manage Services page, services will be listed by their labs.  Also, when a user wants to inactivate themselves, they can use the "Remove All Services" option.   Doing this is the equivalent of the old system's MUMMS_Only service level. Supervisor Admins when registering for example, should select no labs and they will have the equivalent of "MUMMS Only" from the old system. It should be fairly straight forward and self-evident for new users when they register.
  3. The one new feature change that affects ordinary users is that they can now login to Cost Recovery and see just their charges for a given billing period. This was a feature that a few MRL users/supervisors have requested in the past. It allows users to see how much their month to date bill is for the current billing period as well as what cost object it will be charged to.