Review and Delete Reservations

  1. Start Coral.
  2. Log in to Coral using the credentials (username and password) that you created when you registered your account in CMSE MUMMS.
  3. Expand the list in the left pane so that you see the instrument that you are using. Select that instrument.
  4. Select the tab Reservations for that instrument.
  5. You have two choices of views

    • Multiple Days per Machine View will allow you to see up to 14 days of reservations for a single instrument.
    • Multiple Machines Per Day View will allow you to see all of the instruments that you have reserved in any given day.
      • To change the day that you are viewing, select the menu item Reservation Actions > Next or Reservation Actions > Previous.
  6. To delete a reservation:
    1. Click on any part of the reserved time for the equipment listing (the calendar entry will show your username).
    2. Select the menu item Reservation Actions > Delete.