Logging Instrument Use

  1. Start Coral.
  2. Log in to Coral using the credentials (username and password) that you created when you registered your account in CMSE MUMMS.
  3. Expand the list in the left pane so that you see the instrument that you are using. Select that instrument.
  4. Select the menu item Equipment Actions > Engage
  5. Complete the following dialogue then click OK. The entries are:
    • Member: What you enter here will be your username
    • Account: Select the account you want to use.
    • Process: Here you can enter any miscellaneous notes.


  6. The next dialogue will ask you for more information. This dialogue will vary for each different instrument. For the X-Ray SEF, you will always fill out the fields.
    • Sample Composition: Provide the general composition of your sample(s), so that we know if it contains any hazardous elements
    • Is Sample Hazardous: Set to true if your sample poses any health hazards.  Note that all nanocrystalline powders are considered hazardous.
    • Type of Hazard: From the following lists, select the most significant health hazard posed by your sample:
      • Your choices are:
      • Not hazardous
      • Carcinogen
      • Corrosive
      • Flammable or highly reactive
      • Irritant
      • Nanopowder
      • Respirable
      • Toxic
    • Degree of Hazard: Indicate from the following selections how severe the hazard is:
      • Not hazardous
      • Repeated exposure is dangerous
      • Exposure is dangerous to reproductive health
      • Single exposure is dangerous
    • Is This Training? This should be set to false.
    • Should This Be Reviewed? If you need SEF staff to review your entry, then set this to true. In the field below, enter the reason for review. The most common case where you would use this is if you forgot to engage or disengage the instrument and you need the SEF staff to correct your instrument usage time. In this case, you should fill out the “Enter Reason for Review” field as:

      • Forgot to engage instrument, so recorded incorrect time. Instrument was used for 4 hours; or

      • Forgot to disengage instrument, so recorded incorrect time. Instrument was used for 4 hours.

    • Additional Comment: Record any other notes of import here

  7. Click on the Save button. In the instrument list in the left pane, your name will now appear in parentheses after the instrument name, showing that you are using the instrument.



  1. Log in to Coral if you are not already.
  2. Select the instrument that you were using from the instrument list in the left pane.
  3. Disengage the instrument by selecting the menu item Equipment Actions > Disengage. You must disengage the instrument to stop being billed for time!
  4. A dialogue will ask you to confirm your earlier entry information.  Review this information, then click Save and Disengage.