MRL MRSEC poster printing is free service available only to the MRL MRSEC community. The following individuals constitute as eligible to use MRL MRSEC printing services:

  • Students and faculty currently engaged in MRL MRSEC funded research; specifically the printing of posters directly related to MRL MRSEC funded research
  • REU, RET and community college participants in MRL MRSEC’s summer education programs


All poster printer users must contact MRL MRSEC Headquarters staff by either emailing the MRL MRSEC Headquarters, or by delivering your poster in a PDF format on a zipdrive to MRL MRSEC Headquarters offices in 13-2106.

  • Use of this printer is on a first come, first served basis. MRL headquarters staff will determine the schedule. It is best to submit your poster within 24 hours of when you poster is needed. Last minute posters may still be printed, but please note that posters may take up to an hour to print and extra time may be required in the cases of unexpected printing problems. Also be mindful that your poster request may be behind other urgent requests in queue.
  • Please be sure to look over your work once your poster has been converted into a PDF to note any unwanted changes such as symbols not converted, unwanted lines, missing images, etc. If you are cannot solve your graphic issues on your own, please contact MRL Headquarters; we may be able to assist.
  • Poster paper rolls include sizes of 24, 36, and 42 inches. At least one side of your poster will need to be scaled so that one of the edges fits to one of these sizes. Please indicate your desired poster dimensions based on one of the paper roll sizes. (The opposing side can be any size commensurate to what would be scalable.)
  • Posters may be picked up in room 13-2106 when completed.


Right-click your selected logos and save as EPS:



Poster sizing must meet the size requirements of the poster paper that MRL MRSEC provides. Please be sure to scale your poster so that at least one edge of your poster matches one of the following poster three sizes: 24 inches; 36 inches; or 42 inches.



  • Leave at least 1/2" margin on all sides in PowerPoint before saving to a PDF. Otherwise, edges may not print properly.
  • Submit your work as a PDF document to avoid any accidental changes to your work and to assure scalability.
  • Save all equations using Greek characters and/or other symbols as a vector graphic, not as a special character - non-standard fonts may not carry over properly. To save as a vector graphic, save as EPS.
  • When in doubt, always use vector graphics for rendered artwork such as diagrams, charts, or illustrations, when possible to ensure optimal image quality.
  • Dark backgrounds often work best (though not always).
  • Allow enough white space between modules and graphics in oder to create more "breathing space" in your work.
  • Pay close attention to what you want your audience to see. Design your poster with this in mind.
  • Poster must include proper logos, and proper statement of support, filling in the blank with your appropriate program name:
    • This work was supported by the MRL Summer Internship Program, as part of the MRSEC Program of the National Science Foundation under grant number DMR-14-19807.
    • This work was supported by the MRL Community College Internship Program, as part of the MRSEC Program of the National Science Foundation under grant number DMR-14-19807.
    • Check with your supervisor or MRSEC HQ for the correct statement for your research.

Printed poster examples are available to look at by contacting the MRL MRSEC headquarters in advance.

For any questions, please contact, 617-253-6850, or Office: 13-2106.



  • Deadline for poster registration and submission is October 7, 2019.
  • Submit a PDF version of your poster by Monday, October 7, 2019. You may deliver your file on a thumb drive to MRL Headquarters in 13-2106, email an attachement, or share your Dropbox or GoogleDocs link with
  • You must also submit an electronic copy of your poster, to be posted on our website for later viewing. Submit the electronic copy via email to Maria Aglietti by 12:00 noon on Monday, October 7, 2019.
  • A board measuring 4 ft high x 6 ft wide will be provided for each poster. Keep in mind that one side of your poster must measure 24, 36 or 42 inches. The lenth or width of the opposing side may be any size so long as the poster fits within the poster board parameters.
  • If additional space or utilities will be required (for models, demonstrations, prototypes, 3-D displays, etc.), please contact Maria Aglietti at 617-253-6472 or to let us know as soon as possible.
  • Please include the MRL logo on the top left side of your poster. Please find this and other downloadable logos listed above.
  • Posters may be set up between noon and 3:00 pm the day of the event (Wednesday, October 10). Individuals are expected to be with and remain with their poster during the Poster Session, from 4:00-6:00pm.



Posters may be submitted as early as Monday, August 5. Printing will start promptly at 9:00am in order to be certain that all posters are printed.

  • E-mail your poster file to no later than noon, Tuesday, August 6. Late posters will be at risk of not making the printing deadline. If your file is unable to be sent via e-mail, please deliver your poster on a thumbdrive to MRL Headquarters in room 13-2106.
  • All posters must be approved by your supervisor prior to submission. Talk with your advisor early to cover topics of personnel on the project, funding support, and intellectual property concerns.
  • Be sure to use the correct template (found below) and remember to add the appropriate logos to your poster (in the “Logos” section above).
  • Be sure to review the “Poster Tips” section above for optimal image quality.
  • Some labs have their own printing capabilities available for use. If taking advantage of this option, please email MRL Headquarters noting that you are printing somewhere other than MRL. In your email, please include your poster title and an electronic copy of your poster as MRL will compile a list of these.

Let MRL Headquarters know as soon as possible should you have any delay. Don't worry too much about waiting for last minute data that can hold up your poster; this is a snapshot of your work at the present time.

The poster session will be held on August 8 between 2 - 4 PM in the Lobby of Building 13.


For a poster template, click

…here for the REU template,

…here for the RET template,

…here for the CCP template.