Lab Access

About Building 13 Lab Access
All laboratory access (including access to the SEFs) is controlled by electronic locks activated by the user's MIT Card. Laboratory access cannot usually be granted to any individual who does not hold an MIT Card, except in some circumstances when it may be possible to issue a visitor or temporary card valid for a limited time. For more details about this policy, please come to MRL MRSEC headquarters office in room 13-2106, or call 3-6850.

Please note that for information regarding MRL MRSEC Shared Facilities Access, please visit Shared Facilities.


How to Obtain Building 13 Lab Access
Everyone applying for Laboratory Access must fill out a Laboratory Access Form. The PI of the lab must sign this form. Laboratory Access will be granted once the Lab Access Form and training have been completed and the form has been returned to Lars Llorente in room 13-2014.

Please note: Professors need only to complete steps 4 and 5.
UROP and all undergraduate students should complete a UROP Laboratory Access form.

  1. Review the current MRL MRSEC Chemical Hygiene Plan.
  2. Complete both the Chemical Hygiene and Managing Hazardous Waste courses.
    • Go to the EHS training website - MIT certificate required. Do NOT use Chrome.
    • Choose “EHS Training Needs (My Profile)” on the right hand side of the screen.
    • Choose the “My EHS Training Needs” tab and click the “Update my EHS Profile” button.
    • Add a PI/Supervisor for yourself then at the bottom of the page click “Select Activities”.
    • Under Chemical Safety activities check "Use Potentially Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratory" then click “Save”.
    • Back at MIT Learning Center page select "My training" on the left hand side and click on the “My Required Training” tab.
    • Complete online courses for General Chemical Hygiene as well as Managing Hazardous Waste.
    • Speak with your lab’s EHS rep to receive Lab Specific Safety Training.


For UROP & Undergraduate Laboratory Access
All UROPs and undergraduate students applying for access should utilize the UROP Lab Access form instead of the MRL MRSEC Laboratory Access form above.